Filming for the Next Matrix Movie Has Begun

Keanu Reeves
Photo credit Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images
By ALT 92.3
According to a whole bunch of pictures online, filming has begun on the next installment of The Matrix out on the west coast. It's been 17 years since The Matrix: Revolutions: during that time, Keanu Reeves has maintained his effortless cool, making tons more movies and starring in another successful series, John Wick. So what does Neo look like now?
He's wearing a lot less leather and has a lot more hair than the last time we saw him! Are we in for a much more casual Matrix this time around? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? It's still early in the process, obviously, but it's fun to get hyped: seeing a smiling Carrie-Anne "Trinity" Moss (whose character did not survive the original trilogy) has me feeling things too. Here's more about what to expect from The Matrix 4: it's scheduled to hit theaters next May.