Free Burger King Whoppers for Bronx Residents Thanks to the Joker Stairs

Burger King Whopper
Photo credit Photo by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images
By ALT 92.3
Joker is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today, less than 48 hours after Joaquin Phoenix's Golden Globe win (and f-bomb-filled speech), and buzz about the movie is building all over again. Time for brands to capitalize!

Burger King is offering free Whoppers to Bronx residents for a limited time! They're calling it a reward for dealing with all those picture-taking tourists who've been clogging up the Shakespeare Ave. stairs featured in the film. Why is BK stepping up? Well, as the video below says... they know clowns can be annoying. TALKIN' BOUT RONALD. ZING. 

You've got until 1/12 to have your free Whopper delivered via UberEats if you live in the Bronx - here's how - and who knows, if Joker wins an Oscar, maybe some other brand will step up with free stuff! Happy faces all around!