My Chemical Romance FINALLY Announce Hometown Shows!

My Chemical Romance at Big Day Out
Photo credit Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images
By ALT 92.3

It's the question that's been on our mind basically since Halloween: when will the freshly reunited My Chemical Romance announce hometown shows? Sure, they chose Los Angeles for their first show in 7 years, but there's no WAY they could ignore New York and New Jersey, right? The clues started adding up: they dropped this cryptic symbol-filled video yesterday. 

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Some intrepid Twitter users did what any MCR fan would do: scour the internet to try and figure out what it all meant. Turns out some of those symbols translated to cities - some very, very close to home.

And then, after a dramatic "summoning" video today...


MCR Dates

IT'S HAPPENING. THEY'RE COMING HOME. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon: Cane and Corey will have tickets for you to win on Friday AND next week, in the mornings and afternoons. WHO'S EXCITED?!?!?