Robert Downey Jr. Would Also Consider Playing This Avenger

Robert Downey Jr.
Photo credit Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
By ALT 92.3
For the last decade+, it's been hard to separate Robert Downey Jr. from Tony Stark. His starring role in Iron Man back in 2008 set the stage for what the Marvel Cinematic Universe would eventually become: the most lucrative film franchise ever. After wearing that iconic suit so many times, it's almost impossible to imagine a world where RDJ plays a DIFFERENT Avenger... and yet that's just what a precocious child just did. 

A bunch of kids asked Robert Downey Jr. some "difficult" questions in a recent interview, and that's the one getting the most buzz today - mostly because of the unexpected answer. First RDJ acknowledged that many a "red blooded American boy" wanted to be Spider-Man growing up. But that wasn't his answer: he went with HAWKEYE, giving credit to Jeremy Renner for making the role something he'd want to take on. Fascinating! Here's more from the interview. And just because, here's a video with a bunch of RDJ bloopers. (Caution if you're watching at work: Iron Man loves to swear when he's off the clock.)