The Problem with Millenials

Photo credit Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty
By ALT 92.3

This is the issue with millenials, coming from a - wait for it - millenial! (allegedly) Now, I say allegedly not because local law enforcement is searching a millenial matching my very physical description for a crime I in no way committed or have any helpful information about - I say allegedly because the range of this generation is just way too vazt. Boomers, your dads fought in the war. You smoked pot. You watched Ed Sullivan, Bandstand. We get you. Gen X, you loved flannel, Kurt and Ethan Hawke. I see you too! But you can't tell me that somebody born in 1980 has anything in common with 28 year old me. The New York Times recently ran an article about how millenials had all this anxiety over Y2K. Millenials? Y2K? Me? Dude, you know what I had anxiety over New Years Eve '99 - beating Sonic the Hedgehog on my Sega Dreamcast. The cherry on top of this rant was Rolling Stone's 50 Things Millenials Have Never Heard of. Some of this stuff I indeed have no connection to, others I am very well aware of. Further proving, I am not a member of this millenials conspiracy and hereby declare myself GENERATION KEVAN!!!


You can check out all 50 below if you want.