Whatever This Website Is, It's Pretty Cool

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Photo credit cybrain / Getty Images
By ALT 92.3

Something about this week has me all sort of angsty. It was a short week, but it felt excruciating long and stressful. Maybe it's the news. Maybe it's because we've been cooped up for something like 70!!!! days.  Maybe it's because things still need to get done but we have no space or (oddly) time to get it done, all crammed together. Maybe it is the fact that the humidity is like 1000%. THERE ARE SO MANY REASONS.

We should have all taken up yoga or meditation or deep breathing or some other stress-reducing (awesome) hippie hobby, but we didn't. It's all good, because there is this website. There really aren't words to describe what exactly it is, but it is oddly soothing. AND INTERACTIVE (FUN!)!

So, if you've HAD IT today and need to de-stress, spend a few minutes here and click around. It's guaranteed to help (a little, anyway.)