Hilarious 'Wheel of Fortune' Wrong Answer Stuns Pat Sajak and Fans


During the bonus round on Wednesday night's episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” a contestant’s hilarious wrong answer is making waves on the internet.

After winning $13,940, contestant Marie Leo had her chance to shine in the bonus round, reports Yahoo! Entertainment.

Leo confidently selected the round's puzzle topic, “What are you doing?” But her blush-worthy answer caused even legendary host Pat Sajak to turn his head.

The puzzle on the board was made up of a 7-letter word and 4-letter word, the first of which ended with an “ing.” Leo tried her best attempt at a guess.

“Chasing Tail,” she declared.

Leo giggled, clearly knowing that was not the answer. She left Sajak speechless as he motioned zipping his mouth, locking it and throwing away the key with his hand.

The correct answer of the puzzle was "Kicking Back." The amount on the card Sajak was holding was $45,000.

Even though Leo didn't win, fans immediately took to Twitter to call her a "hero." Some users even called it their favorite incorrect guess in the show's history.

This wrong answer was a real winner.

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