Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: A 60 Day Sex Challenge Update

the revelation
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By ALT 949

With five full days down, and seemingly an eternity still left to go, Dana & Jayson's Great 60-Day Sex Challenge is causing a little wear and tear for the majority of the field. To catch you up, an intimacy exercise Dana heard about from some friends inspired her and her husband to try to get busy every day for sixty straight days. If Jayson didn't catch wind of this whole development, it might have stayed a private thing, but once he did it became a full on contest between the three members of the morning show family. This morning, Dana peeled back the curtain (and the sheets) to let our listener family in on a very profound moment for her husband, told the boys his latest romantic revelation, and watched both Jayson and Jack flip their you-know-what. Can the gang really stay all in for two months? We got the latest update this morning on San Diego's Alternative.