Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Avengers Resurrection

Photo credit Getty Images
By ALT 949

Just when you started to get over all the emotional baggage Marvel's Avengers: Endgame saddled an entire culture with, one of the Avengers himself has thrown gasoline back on the smoldering embers. Spoiler alert: Iron Man didn't make it out of the final installment of the blockbusting series of Avengers movies alive, and as hard as that reality was for comic and movie fans alike to cope with, Robert Downey Jr. isn't helping things. A recent quote from the A-list actor suggests that his time donning the red and gold suit might not really be over, and people are losing their s**t over it. After all that Marvel fans have dealt with over the last decade, how will this new nugget of information be received? How will self-proclaimed geeks Jayson and Producer Jack feel when Dana drops the hammer, and why does Jayson find the entire thing a little ironic? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative