Remembering Steve West

Steve West
By ALT 949

I took that black and white photo of my friend Steve West at one of our shows in Oceanside. Maybe it was an Indie Jam, or maybe an SPF. Honestly I don't completely remember. As a work family, we all love our big Alt 949 shows because it gives us the chance to see and talk to so many people that love the same music we do, and revere the same musicians, and they give us the opportunity to say thank you to the people that let us do what we love to do. But nobody loved the opportunity to rub elbows with kids (old and young) who had music in their blood quite as much as Steve. Despite the fact the data would suggest he was usually the oldest guy in the room, he ran circles around all of us. This photo was a rare moment of calm for a human whirlwind. He didn't know I was there, and he didn't know I was snapping this shot, and that's why I love it. A king taking a moment to look down and survey his domain. His enthusiasm for music was unmatched, his knowledge was unparalleled, and his lust for life was unequalled. Yesterday the Alt 949 family learned that Steve decided it was time to give himself to the ages, and leave his battle with cancer here on the earthly side of things to become one with the universe. This morning I couldn't conduct business as usual, so I played a few tunes I think Steve would have liked, said a few words about my friend, and gave everyone who he touched a moment to think of him, and then hear something to dance to. Steve loved to dance. Every time you got to be in a studio with Steve he would teach you something, share something, and help you connect with a piece of music in a way you hadn't before. And then he would dance. A lot. He never stopped moving. I'm not sad for Steve. I'm just sad I don't get to see my friend on the other side of this lockdown. I'm just sad Steve, like most icons, probably didn't know how many people he touched, and how many lives he impacted. Please continue to share your love for Steve and the music he loved with us, and with each other. Steve absolutely would have wanted it that way.