60 dogs rescued from China's meat trade need help finding homes in the U.S.


60 dogs rescued from China’s dog meat trade need your help.

China Rescue Dogs, a non-profit organization, needs the public’s help bringing the dogs to the United States and finding them fur-ever homes.

Despite new challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the rescue has managed to place dozens of dogs in loving homes in the past year.

But to save these 60 dogs, they have a deadline till the end of January.

Jill Stewart, the president and founder of China Rescue Dogs, emphasized the “urgency to save as many dogs as we can before the Chinese New Year."

"The country basically shuts down during the month of February. For their survival, we have to get as many out as possible," she said emphasizing the deadline.

One of the difficulties brought on by the pandemic has been travel restrictions. With flights halted, the rescue – which has teamed up with 12 other organizations to save the dogs – cannot rely on commercial flights.

Instead, they have to move the dogs via two separate cargo planes, which is a lot more costly. PEOPLE notes that the cost per dog can be up to $3,500.

Though the rescue held fundraisers and donated their own money, they are still $14,000 short to cover travel expenses and need the public’s assistance to get the pups to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.

"With the public's support, we can save all 60 (so they can be adopted into loving forever homes, and lead long, happy, and healthy lives," Stewart said.. "I don't want to think about what will happen to those dogs if we have to turn some back."

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever," Ryan McDonnell, vice president of China Rescue Dogs, said in a statement.

Donations to rescue the pooches can be made on the China Rescue Dog’s website.

If the rescue reaches their goal, additional donations will be applied to help bring another 40 dogs saved from the meat trade in early February to the U.S.

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