Severe weather delays vaccine delivery to LA, all vaccination appointments at LA City run sites postponed today and Saturday


ALL vaccination appointments at the large LA City sites are being postponed for today and Saturday.

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on Twitter that the Saturday "Severe weather continues to delay vaccine delivery to L.A., forcing us to also postpone Saturday appointments at City-run sites. Mobile vaccination clinics are not impacted.
Appointments that were scheduled will automatically be rescheduled with a new date/time."

The reason is because of the severe weather back east is blocking efforts to ship the vaccine.

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Mayor Garcetti addressed the city Thursday night saying as of today, the city has administered more than 336,000 doses.

"We have used 96 percent of our city's allocated supply," Garcetti says. He said the city isn't receiving enough vaccines to meet the capacity. "Give us the supply and we can vaccinate everyone by July."

Deputy Mayor Jeff Gorell tells KNX In-Depth about 12,500 people are affected.

"These folks will be prioritized. They will receive the first available vaccines. Most, if not all of these people, are second dose vaccinations meaning they will already have one of the two doses and are lucky enough to be carrying some levels of immunity already," he says.

Vaccinations from the City’s mobile clinics will continue as planned.

Approximately 12,500 patients will soon receive a notice by text, e-mail, or phone that their Friday appointment is postponed, according to the Mayor's office.

Once the City confirms the arrival of a new shipment of doses in the days ahead, all patients who missed their appointment will be prioritized and receive a notification with details for their new automatically rescheduled appointment, according to the press release.

Gorell says people who were scheduled for shots tomorrow will get an email, text, or phone call letting them know about the delay. He thinks they'll probably be able to vaccinated early next week.

The postponement is at LA CITY vaccination sites. LA County sites aren't affected.

“Severe weather across the country has disrupted travel and shipping nationwide, including delaying the delivery of our vaccines,” said Mayor Garcetti in a press release. “Our City is ready to administer COVID-19 vaccines swiftly, safely, and equitably — and as soon as doses arrive in Los Angeles, we will get them into people’s arms immediately.”

Ten mobile vaccination teams will be put in the field by the end of next month in a new initiative by the city, the Mayor announced Thursday night. He said the teams have already begun to vaccinate people in South LA, on the East side, Northeast LA.