Chrissy Teigen shares laughable moment from her family’s holiday photoshoot


'Tis the season for adorable family holiday photoshoots.

While many holiday cards come out perfect, the process of snapping the awesome photo may not be an easy process for some.

Chrissy Teigen shared some personal details about her family's holiday photoshoot while telling fans that one of her family members wasn't too happy.

The mother-of-two captured the hilarious moment on her official Twitter page.

"Family shoot went…right as I thought it would, actually," she captioned the post.

You can see her 2-year-old son Miles Legend not happy in the post, which shows him at the beginning of a temper tantrum.

While Teigen and John Legend's son wasn't feeling it, the 35-year-old model eventually posted a photo of miles posing, looking like a little gentleman.

"Then this happened!!! On my PHONE of course," Teigen captioned the post.

Fans are finding this extremely funny and also say they relate to Teigen’s son’s mood. Others agreed that they experienced chaos during a family photoshoot.

One user commented, “I always enjoy these way more than when people send perfect ones.”

“It isn’t a family photo shoot until someone cries and Mama is in all out flop sweat.”

Others found Miles’ mood to be a 2020 face for how everyone feels during this challenging year.

“Miles is so relatable this has been me since feb, still going strong,” one fan wrote. Anthony person added, “That’s my 2020 face.”

Several other fans shared that they saw Miles as a little mini-me of his father, John Legend.

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