Don't cancel your Coachella plans yet

Concert goers could be packing sweaters to the next music festival

Coachella concert goers should stop what they’re doing, right now. Halt reconditioning your giant southwestern themed sun hats. Take off your $350 sunglasses and listen; Coachella may return in the fall!

Sources from Billboard are reporting event executives could be planning an October 2021 date for the southern Californian music festival. The publication says a final decision will not be made till after the November 3 presidential election, but before the start of 2021.

Due to safety concerns around the coronavirus pandemic, show organizers were forced to reschedule Coachella for April 2021. Concert executives are reported to be watching COVID case developments over the next few months to predict the safest time to roll out the red carpet. Many believe the April 2021 time frame to be unrealistic, and expect summer of next year to be a starting point for live shows.

The music festival was scheduled to take place in April with headliners Travis Scott, Frank Ocean and Rage Against the Machine. As COVID infections and deaths continued throughout March, it was pushed to October 2020. That obviously didn’t happen. Since the year 2000, Coachella has never missed hosting their annual music event.

Fans are chomping at the bit to attend this music festival/celebrity safari/carnival/fashion show. If you’ve never attended, eccentric fashion is a staple for most attendees. On any given day you might spot a woman sporting rainbow hair and pants that lost a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

Perhaps your flavor is more akin to a healthy mix of black satin and glitter? There’s something for everybody!

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