Megan Thee Stallion on GRAMMYs, Erykah Badu, and why she said what she said on 'Shots Fired'

The 'Good News' star comes through

Less than 24 hours after her not one, not two, but four GRAMMY nominations, Megan Thee Stallion virtually caught up with RADIO.COM's Big Tigger from Atlanta’s V-103 to talk all about it and all about her new album, fittingly titled, Good News.

As you might already know, Megan actually found out about her nominations in real time after announcing those for the Pop, Contemporary Instrumental Music, Reggae, and Global Music Fields. Megan’s surprised facial expressions during the livestream have since become a meme (it is 2020 after all), and after the two had a good laugh about it Megan explained the feeling behind the face, admitting that in that moment she was “genuinely surprised.” She continued, “I was really shook, cause I was going through the nominees right? And they’re like well Megan you’ve been nominated as well. And I was like what!? who?!…me?” Megan was honestly happy to just to take part in the announcements, adding, “I just couldn’t believe it, so I had to hurry up and get off and call my grandma.”

While it might seem like just yesterday our favorite Hot Girl had only two EPs and a few singles under her belt, well, it’s because it kinda was. Just within the last week, less actually, Megan has released her first studio album, Good News, and is now an official GRAMMY-nominated artist. However, despite her rather quick come up, Megan insists, “I’m still me… I just feel super blessed every time something happens to me,” which she admitted only makes her want to work harder. As she said, “we gotta keep going, we gotta keep going up, like I don’t ever want to get comfortable.. or feel l like I’m chillin’, I just want to beat myself, so we’re just gonna keep figuring out how to go up.”

While Megan Thee Stallion is an eccentric moniker, Meg maintains she’s “just that same Houston girl… very goofy, as the world now can see.” Speaking of Houston, Tigger noted that three-fourths of Meg’s GRAMMY noms happen to be for a collaboration with one of H-Town’s finest, Beyoncé for “Savage (Remix).”

Sticking to the topic of Texas, Tig additionally mentioned that it was brought to his attention that Megan had the opportunity to talk with Dallas native Erykah Badu, and asked Meg to share some deets on what that was like. “She is just so great, and just unique, like she’s a real woman, Megan said of Badu. “When I got on the phone with her she was like, ‘You know I sell p**** right?’” Which only made Megan love her more, adding, “just to lead the conversation off like that, I was like yes, I like her, I like her a lot… She was just so real and I appreciated having a real conversation with her.”

So besides working with Queen B and having real talk with the Queen of Neo-Soul, Megan shared she has big collaboration dreams of working with the Caribbean Queen, aka Rihanna. “Lets hope she gets in the studio,” Megan said with her fingers crossed. Ummm yes, please, we are right there with you, crossing our fingers for that one. Actually, if you peep the list of features on Megan’s album, Rihanna is basically the only artists left she hasn’t already worked with anyway. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but like not really, kind of.

If you haven’t already listened to it, shame on you, and if you have, you know Good News starts off, as Tigger so accurately put it, “with a lot of attention.” From the jump Megan made certain all our interests were peeked with the epic clap back track, “Shots Fired.” Still, however bold and honest it happens to be, Tig was still curious, asking Meg if she feels she fully expressed her point of view on the song.

“I feel like I said enough…," Megan expressed, "I don’t like to go back and forth. If I said something one time, that’s what it is, that’s what I said and I meant it, there’s no need for me to continue to go back and forth.”

Megan continued to explain that “a lot of people know I’m really nice… the type of person that’ll just let something roll of the shoulder,” which sometimes leads people to continuously "pick with me.” In spite of that, as Megan simply put it, “I am a rapper, and at the end of the day if you put something down on wax, imma do that too. So, you know, that’s what I had to do.” And take it from us, that is most certainly what she did.

For all that hotness and so much more watch Tigger’s entire interview with Megan Thee Stallion above.

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