PHOTOS: Real Estate Listing Shows Unusual and Dangerous Bed Placement


Some real estate listings have features that make you raise an eyebrow, but what would you do about a bed that was placed so precariously that you could seriously injure yourself if you rolled over?

While some apartments are so tiny that they offer interesting solutions to furniture placement, one listing had social media users seriously confused.

According to photos of the listing shared to Twitter, the owner of the home had placed the bed in such a way that it was balancing over the staircase.

Twitter user UnfortunateNatalie shared a screenshot of the listing, with the caption, "Move to the south, the possibilities are endless." Alongside the tweet was a photo of the bed, which was lofted directly above the staircase and even appeared to be balancing on the railing.

The apartment can be found in Worthing, England and was listed for the equivalent of $166,000.

The post has gained the attention of nearly 1.5k users.

The listing describes the apartment as a second floor studio flat with an open plan kitchen/studio area. It also features a bathroom suite, large loft space, and a communal front door.

While many Twitter users flooded the post with comments about how dangerous it would be to accidentally roll out of the bed, one user commented, "Be honest, when was the last time any of you actually rolled out of bed?"

Others found themselves concerned for the fate of their phones, knowing that if they dropped their phone off of the bed, it would tumble down the stairs.

The listing has been removed from the site, but many are still curious about the logistics.

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