Woman Will Ditch Her Phone for a Year to Win $100K


NEW YORK (1010 WINS) Vitaminwater recently made a viral challenge for someone to give up their phone for a whole year to win $100,000.

After 140,000 submissions, Elana Mugdan of Little Neck, Queens, has been selected.

“I felt trapped, stressed and unhappy as I was pulled down by the call of the virtual world,” Mugdan said in her submission.

“But with no phone, I can finally spend time with my friends, catch up on all my writing work and get out and enjoy nature.”

For the next year, Mugdan, who is a fantasy writer and filmmaker who enjoys spending time with her pet snake, will have to go without a phone.

Vitaminwater will give her a lie detector test to make sure she follows through with the challenge.

The company said they decided to sponsor the challenge as part of their brand message “breaking monotony.”