The 18-Year-Old Sister of Louis Tomlinson Has Died From a Heart Attack

This marks the second recent family tragedy in his life

As the Tomlinson family mourns the loss of 18-year-old Félicité Tomlinson, friends, family and fans of One Direction are offering their condolences.

Last week, the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson died following a heart attack. TMZ said the teenager died inside her London apartment on Wednesday after she couldn't be revived by paramedics on scene.

Louis and Félicité are two of seven siblings, and the entire family is said to be extremely close. Just over two years ago they lost their mother to Leukemia. Tomlinson recently released a song about his mother, called "Two of Us."  

This week, other members of Tomlinson family are speaking out about their sibling and the bond that connects this grief-stricken family.