4 Garth Brooks Tour Moments That Will Melt Your Heart


Garth Brooks is a country music legend. Everyone knows the man for his iconic patterned shirts and hilarious bittersweet classics like “Friends in Low Places.” But there’s a sweet side of Garth that only true fans who attend his amazing live concerts are lucky enough to see. Below are four heartwarming moments of Brooks showing some serious love to his loyal devotees.


1. He gave his guitar to a fan with cancer.

A touching video on YouTube captures the moment that Garth gives his guitar to a fan in the crowd at one of his concerts in Minneapolis. In the video, Brooks approaches a woman in the crowd who holds up a sign that reads “Chemo This Morning, Garth Tonight, Enjoying The Dance.” He sits on the edge of the stage and finishes his song before handing the woman his guitar.

On Entertainment Tonight, Brooks recounts the moment before being reunited with the woman. He says the rigors of an intense tour schedule were put in perspective when he saw her in the crowd. “You’re like, ‘Am I really b-tching about anything? Really?’” he says. “It caught me off guard. She was so sweet, and her face said it all.”


2. He offered to pay for a couple’s honeymoon after they got engaged at his show.

After two superfans got engaged at a concert of his in Oklahoma City, Garth asked where their honeymoon will be. When they said they didn’t know, they were shocked at his response: “If you pick Hawaii, Ms. [Garth’s wife Trisha> Yearwood and I will pay for it.”


3. He serenaded a woman on her 89th birthday.

Brooks might be the Oprah of country music. At a concert in Lafayette, LA, a fan received Garth’s guitar after he serenaded her to a song. What was the special occasion? The woman was celebrating her 89th birthday. Her joy is undeniable. A video of the moment reveals the woman smiling ear to ear when the country star hops into the crowd and walks up to the woman with his guitar. In the clip, her granddaughter can be heard saying, “He’s singing to you grandma!” The woman’s last concert before this? Elvis. With a gift like this, that’s worth the wait.


4. He sang a duet with a fan before his show.

One lucky fan got a chance to sing a duet with the country star before a show in Louisville, KY. It was an exciting moment for the 19-year-old, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, a genetic disease that constantly leaves her hungry. The girl and her family were thrilled when Brooks invited them for his soundcheck before the event started. What they didn’t expect was the country singer sitting down with her to sing a rendition of his song “The River” together.