Cleveland Browns' Duke Johnson on Trade Request

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(92.3 The Fan) Cleveland Browns running back Duke Johnson Jr. reported for mandatory minicamp on Monday, his first appearance since requesting a trade earlier this spring. On Tuesday, prior to the first practice of the camp, he explained what led him to ask John Dorsey to send him elsewhere.

"I was put on the trade block a month before I requested a trade," Johnson said. "That's essentially my biggest issue."

Johnson said he believes in loyalty and doesn't feel Dorsey and the Browns have shown it to him after he signed a three-year extension worth $15 million last year.

"I was kind of put on the trade block to see what the team could get, and at the end of the day, I understand the nature of the business," Johnson said. "John Dorsey's job is to do what's best for the team and the organization. If that's getting rid of me for a bigger piece, then I'm OK with it.

"My trade request was to meet them at a middle ground. I was put on the trade block a month before I requested a trade."

Despite Dorsey assembling the best roster -- on paper -- that the franchise has had since the AFC title game runs in the late 1980s, Johnson would still like to be moved because he doesn't feel the Browns are committed to him in the same way he was committed to them.

The Browns signed running back Kareem Hunt, who faces an eight-game suspension to start the season, to join second-year pro Nick Chubb.

"I think it showed with my actions and the way I've carried myself through two horrible seasons, and then, after the worst of the worst, I re-signed here," Johnson said. "I'm not a fortune-teller. I didn't know a couple years later, we'll assemble one of the best teams on paper. No, I was committed to this organization and to the city."

Johnson hopes, if not prefers, to be traded before the season and not at the trade deadline at the end of October.

"I just think it's better for me to get ahead of this, and if I'm going to be with a new team, I prefer it be before midseason just to give me a fair shot with the new team and just a chance to make a difference and play," Johnson said. "Going in midseason is kind of tough, as you've seen with Carlos (Hyde). It's tough just getting in there because they have their guys, they have their system and you've just got to play catch-up."

By Daryl Ruiter