Mike Pereira NFL Pass Interference Rule Change


ATLANTA (92.9 The Game) -- Mike Pereira, the former NFL head of officials and current rules analyst for Fox Sports, joined "Dukes & Bell" on Wednesday to talk about the NFL rule change from the owners meeting, whether this will actually fix the problem, and what he would have done.

Pereira told the guys that he's not sure this was the answer.

"I certainly didn't think that the two rule proposals would take." Pereira said. "Because neither fixed the issues in the NFC Championship game, but the coaches got together with this proposal and it got through. I don't think the competition committee went into this wanting to make it reviewable because this opens Pandora 's box. But one guy who wanted this to pass was Roger Goodell, and I don't think he was going to let this go without doing something.

"You're going to have people in the replay booth make key decisions, and those people have never officiated football in their lives. Officiating is based on facts, and I'm worried this is going to become a mess: How many more challenges is this going to create? Is it going to change how we look at Hail Marys? Are we going to review receivers blocking downfield when the ball is thrown to a back in the backfield?"

When asked why he thought the referees missed the call in the NFC Championship game, Pereira said, "I really think subconsciously when you go into a big game as an official you don't want the game to be about you. So you will only call the big one, and I think during the game you get complacent and they just weren't ready. It was a simple call and a simple route. It was the line of scrimmage official's call the whole way. He had the view and just didn't throw the flag, and there's no excuse for it."

Pereira said how he would fix the issue if he ran the NFL.

"Full-time officials was a PR move, you only improve when you get live reps." Pereira said. "I would frankly figure out a way to work with these spring leagues, whether it's the Alliance or the XFL next year. I don't believe there's anybody that could poke holes in my idea of the sky judge, an eighth official that can look at video in real time and get rid of obvious and egregious calls. It would be so easy. It could help with player safety. I don't get them not doing these. They could have brought in 17 new officials and you could rotate officials, and correct things in real time."