Donovan McNabb Not Sorry for Carson Wentz Comments

PHILADELPHIA (94WIP) -- Donovan McNabb is not sorry for the comments he made about Phiadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

"Do I need to apologize for anything?" McNabb told 94WIP's Jon Marks and Ike Reese on Tuesday afternoon. "Absolutely not.

"What people fail to realize, when you have a job to do as an analyst or someone asks you a question, people want media members to be honest. All I was doing was being an analyst and being honest in my comments. It's nothing personal to Carson. I respect his game, I love Carson as a quarterback. When I do come to the games, I introduce my son to him. I respect the way he prepares himself, I respect the way he plays. But in the game of football, in the game of life, if you're not doing your job and you're not healthy enough to be on the field, they will look to replace.

"People understand what I was saying, but the fact that I said it, it became an issue and that's a problem."

Speaking on "The Zach Gelb Show" on CBS Sports Radio last weekend, McNabb said he believes if Wentz doesn't get out of the second round of the playoffs in the next few years, the Eagles need to move on and draft another quarterback.

Wentz's teammate, offensive lineman Lane Johnson, did not appreciate McNabb's comments.

"You would think the best quarterback in franchise history would try to build up a young man that looks up to him instead of always criticizing him, critiquing him and wishing he would fail so he could be the missing link and feel better himself," Johnson said Sunday night on 94WIP.

McNabb responded to Johnson, sort of.

"I don't play Twitter war games with kids," McNabb said. "I'm not gonna go personal with him. There is no battle back and forth. I'll tell you if you played great. But when I go to a job ... I'm gonna call it by the way I see it. It's nothing personal."

McNabb continued to say, "I'm an analyst." Marks and Reese reminded McNabb that he's also the greatest quarterback in Eagles history and his opinion on the team's current quarterback carries weight.

"I'm just saying this: It's an opinion that I have," McNabb said. "That ain't always going to be right, and it ain't always going to be wrong. But it's an opinion. That's what people have to understand. And it seems like for you (Marks), you can't get over my opinion."

By Andrew Porter