Klay Thompson of Golden State Warriors Will Only Take Shooting Tips From ‘Reggie Miller or Ray Allen’


SAN FRANCISCO (95.7 The Game) — Klay Thompson: never not confident.

"What is someone going to tell me about my jump shot that I can't fix?" Thompson asked rhetorically Thursday before the Golden State Warriors lost to the Portland Trail Blazers, 110-109, in overtime. "At this point, unless it's Reggie Miller or Ray Allen, I don't know who I'm supposed to listen to ... Larry Bird? Ah, Steve Kerr, I'll listen to Steve, Steve shot 45 percent. But other than that, it's like, I've done this job for a long enough time, I know what I need to do."

Thompson, after another erratice shooting night (6-of-19 from the field, 2-of-9 from 3-point range), is posting the worst 3-point percentage of his entire NBA career (33.3) and his worst field-goal percentage since the 2012-13 season (43.6). Last season, for comparison, Thompson shot 44 percent from 3 and 48.8 percent overall.

Don’t blame his impending free agency. His dad, Mychal Thompson, brushed aside the notion that Klay's contract situation is looming over his head in a Wednesday appearance with “The Damon Bruce Show” on 95.7 The Game.

“No. Not at all,” Mychal Thompson said. “He’s not thinking about that at all. We never talk about that. He never brings it up. He just wants to help his team win and do his part consistently."

By Karl Buscheck