Steph is one-of-a-kind — he’s the Barry Bonds of basketball


To write about Steph Curry belonging in the conversation for the Most Valuable Player award this past Monday night may have been a bit absurd.

After all, he lit up the lowly Phoenix Suns for 29 points in 30 minutes. Light work for the two-time MVP.

But after Wednesday night’s game against the Washington Wizards, whom the Golden State Warriors routed, 144-122, I think it’s appropriate to revisit that conversation.

In just three-quarters of action, Curry dropped this ridiculous stat line: 51 points, 15/23 from the field, 11/16 from the three-point line, and 10/10 on free throws.

Oh, and one shoulder shrug that reminded us all about Michael Jordan in the 1992 NBA Finals:  

Afterward, Curry discussed when he had an inkling that this could be a historic night.

But really, Curry was literally experimenting with trick shots against an NBA team. Don’t believe me?