Best Ads From Super Bowl LIII


Super Bowl LIII was what it was. And what it was was the lowest-scoring game in Super Bowl history. But hey, Johnny Hekker’s 65-yard punt in the third quarter was the longest ever, so that’s…something.

All that meant a lot of the highlights Sunday night came in between the action. The commercials didn’t disappoint. And unless you were betting the under, they might have been the only things last night that didn’t. Here are the best commercials from Super Bowl LIII.


T-Mobile’s take on the way we use and misuse text messages was spot- on. We’ll definitely think twice before sending anyone another 1,500- word text.

Bud Light

Bud Light did something almost no company does in its commercials: mention its competitors by name. It called out Miller Lite and Coors for using corn syrup in their beers in a clever set of ads that almost makes that year of listening to people yell “dilly dilly” worth it.

“Game of Thrones” X Bud Light
In a nice moment of self-awareness, Bud Light made a crossover ad for the upcoming season of “Game of Thrones” that saw the demise of the Bud Knight and the fiery destruction of the Bud Light kingdom.


This year’s Super Bowl commercials were a little short on cute animals, but at least they had some cute babies. John Legend and a full male chorus melodically cooing at his baby’s poopy diaper provided one of the more memorable musical moments from the broadcast.

bubly sparkling water

Every year, there is some brand almost no one has heard of that produces one of the most memorable ads of the night. This year that distinction went to bubly sparkling water. The image of Michael Bublé sitting on the floor writing his name on bubly cans was so perfect it makes you wonder if the company named itself with the specific purpose of putting out this commercial.

Stella Artois

If you’re hoping to make a viral ad, using a dose of ‘90s nostalgia is a smart move. Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude, ditching their respective Cosmo and White Russian for a Belgian beer was probably blasphemous to some fans, but when you’re offered a slot at the Super Bowl you drink what they tell you to drink.