Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Other Celebrities Who Have Gotten Crazy Valentine's Gifts


However much you spent on your special someone for Valentine’s Day, it’s probably not enough. At least not for anyone crazy enough to use celebrities to guide their purchases. Famous folks have been forking over major money for their valentines for years on over-the-top and exotic versions of everything from jewelry to flowers. If you want to feel bad about the box of chalky candy hearts and half dozen roses you either bought or received this year, check out these purchases of from the rich and famous.


Kanye West

Kanye once bought his wife Kim Kardashian a Cartier, diamond-studded panther bracelet, worth $73,000. Not bad considering she’s worth $190 million more than he is.

Jay Z

The Beyhive probably thinks it was the least he could do, but Jay Z got Beyoncé a platinum-encrusted cellphone case with $25,000.

Justin Bieber

Before Bieber became a happily married man, he was buying Valentine’s Day gifts for Selena Gomez. Instead of a measly bouquet of flowers, Justin went big: He bought Selena an entire flower shop and delivered thousands of flowers to her on V-day.

Angelina Jolie

The guys don’t have the oh-my-god-why-would-anyone-buy-that gift market. Back when Angelina and Brad Pitt were still married she got him a $20,000 olive tree that was more than two centuries old. Jolie planted the tree on their massive estate in the South of France, where it stands to this day.