'Big Time Baseball: Players Edition' on the MLB Attendance Decline


Home runs in baseball may be up, but attendance is down. MLB’s average attendance through May 29 is down 1.4 percent compared to a similar point last season, according to the Associated Press.

In the most recent episode of RADIO.COM’s “Big Time Baseball: Players Edition” podcast, co-hosts Tony Gwynn Jr. and Ben Davis discuss why MLB has seen a decline in attendance.  

“People conflate time of game with actual action of play,” Gwynn said. “A game can be three hours and 30 minutes. As long as there’s action, no one cares.

"When the game is walks, homers and strikeouts, that’s not a very appeasing game to the eye of the fan. They come out, (and) they wanna see excitement. There’s a reason they stand when a guy gets a triple, or you feel the buzz when a guy steals second or third. ... Yes, home runs are exciting too, but it’s just a quick moment that you get to enjoy.”

In addition to the attendance issue, Gwynn and Davis discussed the potential trade options following Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen’s season-ending knee injury, the market for free-agent pitcher Dallas Keuchel and break down the differences between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels.

To wrap things up, they dig into Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Josh Bell’s breakout campaign.