Big Time Baseball Podcast: Christian Yelich's Swing


After claiming the National League MVP last season, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich isn’t slowing down.                                                     

The 6-foot-3, 195-pound Yelich owns a league-high 21 home runs, along with generating a .731 slugging percentage. That sits second in all of baseball -- behind fellow NL MVP candidate Cody Bellinger (.761), who’s produced 19 homers through 52 games.

The ex-Miami Marlin has also manufactured the sixth-most RBI (44) across MLB, helping lead the Brewers to a 31-24 start -- just one-half game behind the NL Central-leading Chicago Cubs.

In the first episode of “Big Time Baseball: Players Edition,” co-host Ben Davis broke down the technique that shapes Yelich into a dangerous hitter.

“They (Brewers) were in Philadelphia, and I was doing games from the booth. I actually had our producer run back Christian Yelich’s swing,” Davis said. “He’s about 6’5’’, 6’6’’, right? But he stands upright in the box. Where he sets [up>, his back left foot is a little bit close to the end of the chalk line -- towards the end of the box. His middle foot is halfway in the box. When he gets done with his stride, his right foot -- his stride foot -- is on the chalk line in front of the box. That’s a long stride; it’s about a foot-and-a-half, two-feet long.”

You can see in the video above just how long Yelich's stride is from back to front of the batter's box. Here’s the entire conversation between Davis and fellow co-host Tony Gwynn Jr. on Yelich: