'Boomer And Gio': Are Umpires Retaliating Against Yankees For 'Savages' Video?

By , WFAN Sports Radio 66AM & 101.9 FM New York

Heated arguments with umpires are becoming the norm at Yankees games, and WFAN's Gregg Giannotti and Jerry Recco believe the umps are picking the fights.

In Saturday's game against the Indians, Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected by home plate umpire Ben May after Cameron Maybin was called out on strikes on a pitch that appeared to be outside. Then, first-base ump Phil Cuzzi tossed Brett Gardner for slamming his bat repeatedly against the roof of the dugout, which has become a ritual of frustration for him. CC Sabathia was also sent to the showers.

There was more jawing Sunday between Boone and Cuzzi, who was behind the plate for that game.

Giannotti said on Monday's "Boomer and Gio" show that he believes umpires are retaliating against Boone for his July 18 "savages" rant. Video of the argument between the Yankees manager and umpire Brennan Miller went viral on the internet. 

"They're definitely looking for it," Giannotti said of the umpires. "I'm telling you it has everything to do with that video. That video that was put out by that guy Jomboy on Twitter ... and then the Yankees are not so happy that this stuff is out there. That video's got over 5 million views. And you know that all the umpires saw it, and it was Aaron Boone's coming-out party from the standpoint that we've never seen him like that, and the umpire was the butt of the joke in that. He's pointing in his face, 'Be better,' 'Be (bleeping) better,' 'My guys are (bleeping) savages.' And they don't like when they're shown up, and I really, really think that they were trying to exact some revenge on the Yankees or still trying to exact some revenge and are looking for it."

Recco, who was filling in for Boomer Esiason on Monday's show, agreed that the umps seem to be escalating matters. 

"The home plate umpire, who looks like he's 30, by the way, had some sort of issue with staring into the Yankee dugout and instead of just, I don't know, calling the game, it's almost like he was looking for trouble," Recco said. "And so I thought Aaron Boone getting tossed really wasn't fair. It just seemed like the umpire was looking for the trouble. And in that case, there's got to be some sort of recourse from the league. You can't have -- umpires with rabbit ears is one thing, but now rabbit eyes."

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