Bruce Willis Was Booed by Phillies Fans After His Disappointing First Pitch


Bruce Willis took to the Phillies’ field at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday only to be shamed for his subpar first pitch attempt. 

The actor, sporting an apt “Willis”-clad Phillies jersey, threw the first pitch which ended up falling short and bouncing on the ground just before rolling towards the home plate. The City of Brotherly Love couldn’t contain their booing.

While most first pitches are thrown from the pitcher’s mound, Willis took the liberty of starting a few feet in front of the mound to give his toss a better shot. Unfortunately, Philly sports fans determined that it still wasn’t good enough. 

Willis was a good sport about the disappointing throw. He tipped his hat to the crowd and began walking towards relief pitcher, Aaron Nola, who acted as catcher for Willis’s first pitch attempt. The two went in for a friendly handshake and then posed for some smiley photos on the field. 

Willis seemed to make the most of his time on the field nonetheless. He was seen having a friendly conversation with third base coach Dusty Wathan and hanging out with the guys in the dugout just before their game against the Brewers, according to MLB.

We can catch Willis in his next acting venture, “Motherless Brooklyn,” which has a planned release date of November 1st.