Bull Sharks Are Making a Comeback

By WCBS Newsradio 880

(WCBS 880) -- Officials in Long Island, New York said bull sharks are making a comeback for the first time in years, with more than a dozen sightings this past week alone.

“These are very aggressive and dangerous sharks that particularly like to come to the shoreline, and we haven’t seen a sighting of bull sharks in this region in over a decade,” said Donald Clavin, Hempstead’s town supervisor.

Clavin said there are two main reasons for the sharks’ return: warm weather and the presence of more bait fish near the shoreline.

Clavin said beaches had been going through a purification process, with fewer swimmers and boats in the water for months because of the pandemic.

“But with that comes some other caveats, and one of them is more aquatic life and more of the feeders that draw these sharks in,” Clavin said.

There have already been 14 shark sightings in Hempstead this past week, with beaches closing again Saturday after multiple shark sightings.

The town has added extra lifeguards on surfboards and jet skis to keep beachgoers safe.

A college student caught a nearly 8-foot long bull shark in the waters off Lido Beach earlier this month.

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