Bill Belichick 'Definitely Outcoached' Sean McVay in Super Bowl 53: Former Rams Exec


(CBS Sports Radio) The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams, 13-3, in Super Bowl LIII on Sunday. It wasn’t the scintillating, up-and-down, down-to-the-wire game that NFL fans have grown accustomed to in recent years, but there are nonetheless numerous takeaways from this low-scoring game in Atlanta.

“It wasn’t terribly exciting as football goes,” former Rams executive and current Atlanta Legends GM Bill Devaney said on "Taz & The Moose" on Monday. “But what really jumped out at me was how (Bill Belichick) keeps this thing together. They lose the Super Bowl last year. It’s a devastating loss. I go back to the last three teams before that – Atlanta, Carolina, Seattle lose in the Super Bowl, and they still haven’t recovered. Belichick, they lose the Super Bowl, they have a rough offseason, everybody was questioning them, especially some of his players. Why did you bench Malcolm Butler? Brady is so pissed off he doesn’t even show up for OTAs. He boycotts OTAs. (People are wondering), ‘Is this the end of the Patriots?’”

It wasn’t.

“(Belichick) not only holds it together, he gets them back to the Super Bowl and he wins the damn thing,” Devaney said. “It’s unbelievable how he held that together and won this thing after everything they went through this past offseason.”

Brady finished without a touchdown Sunday, but the Patriots didn’t need any from him. The Rams were held scoreless in the first half and didn’t find the end zone all night.

“Listen, (Sean) McVay’s awesome, there’s no question,” Devaney said of the 33-year-old. “But in this game, in this situation, he definitely got outcoached.”

Todd Gurley was quiet yet again, finishing with 10 carries for 35 yards, and Jared Goff was 19-of-38 for 229 yards and an interception.

“I think Goff, going into next season, has as much pressure on him to show that he’s worthy, that he’s a guy that can win a championship,” Devaney said. “You know he didn’t play well late in the season. December was not a great month for Goff. He rebounded a little bit against the Saints, but yesterday was a stinker. Next season is going to be huge for this kid.”