I'm Listening: Chris Hubbard Tackles the Stigma of Talking About Mental Health

The Offensive Tackle opens up about his own obstacles

Cleveland Browns Offensive Tackle Chris Hubbard will be a part of I’m Listening on Sunday September 8, as all Entercom radio stations across the country will mark the start of National Suicide Prevention Week with a special two-hour commercial-free broadcast dedicated to ending the stigma of talking about mental health.

After 4 seasons in Pittsburgh, Hubbard signed with the division rival Browns. But beyond the headlines of big contracts there were some massive adjustments facing Hubbard behind-the-scenes. “I was struggling bad because of the whole big change,” he says in the preview clip above. A new city and more money than his family from Columbus, Georgia had ever seen before shifted the dynamic in his life as Hubbard struggled to sort it all out. “I was happy and sad at the same time because, everybody knows what’s going on. Everybody sees this. It’s a lot of weight on my shoulders because you feel like you have to take care of so many people back home or you have to take care of so many people that’s been in your corner.”

“Truth of the matter is, you have to take care of yourself first before you could help somebody else.”

Hubbard luckily was able to get some help for his team, dealing with the new challenges and emotions that emerged during his major life change. It’s not always easy to speak up and ask for help, that’s why Hubbard hopes to lead the way.

“We’re afraid to say that something’s going on. You’re afraid of what they might say behind closed doors. You’re afraid of what other people might say. Those are some of the things that you worry about and go through in your head,” Hubbard explains of the hurdles he’s faced. “I’ve dealt with those things, but it’s time to save other people as well. “

Hubbard has teamed with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, to help young athletes know the importance of mental health, and understand that it’s not an issue to just push through. “You’re not alone. You could seek help at any time,” adds Hubbard. “Don’t wait till it’s too late before you get yourself down deep in a depression you can’t get out of.”

At 7 AM local time on September 8 on your favorite RADIO.COM station, you can call-in live and join Chris Hubbard and other athletes, artists, and medical professionals for an in-depth conversation about mental health and suicide prevention.

Prior to Sunday’s show, please SHARE YOUR STORY on how mental health or suicide has impacted your life. Select stories will be included in the broadcast.

For more information on this year’s broadcast, visit ImListening.org.