Conan the Hero Dog Awarded Medal at White House

Photo credit Department of Defense
Connecting Vets

Conan, the military working dog who hunted down ISIS leader Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria during a Delta Force raid was just honored at the White House. 

President Donald Trump presented the K-9 with a plaque and a medal. He also had the opportunity to meet with the Special Forces operators Conan works with.

"It was a flawless attack and al-Baghdadi is gone," Trump said. "We're honored to have Conan here and to have given Conan a certificate and an award." 

Meet Conan, the military working dog who ran down Baghdadi

When asked if he wanted to adopt Conan, Trump responded, "I love this dog." 

However, when Melania was asked if she would like to adopt Conan she smiled and responded, "No."

Regardless of Trump's interests in adopting Conan, his career as a military working dog is not yet over. While he was injured in the raid, he has since returned to active duty and has several years before retiring. 

"Conan is not retiring yet," Trump said. "Conan is prime time age-wise."

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