I'm Listening: Disturbed on Fighting the Demon of Depression and Addiction

The band continue the message of “A Reason To Fight”

“By a show of hands, how many of you have dealt with the demons of addiction or depression or know of someone who has?” David Draiman asks the full arena. The lights raise to show a sea of arms stretch upward, powerfully proving how widespread the war is that the band sings about in "A Reason To Fight."

The number one rock song has become an anthem of support for those battling addiction and mental health issues. It became the centerpiece of their show, as the band stopped each night for a message of hope, providing resources on how you can find the help you need. It is a call to arms and a hand extended to all those fighting their own demons.

Disturbed will be a part of I’m Listening on Sunday September 8, as all Entercom radio stations across the country will mark the start of National Suicide Prevention Week with a special two-hour commercial-free broadcast dedicated to ending the stigma of talking about mental health.

“Regarding this demon that so many of our love ones and so many people close to us are struggling with of addiction and depression, and not being ashamed to talk about it and not being ashamed to come forward,” says Draiman in the preview of their appearance above. “You shouldn’t feel that you have to deal with that battle on your own.”


The song echoes that statement, prompted by the death of friends and family members who lost their battle, powerfully delivered with importance and impact from the GRAMMY-nominated band. “People need to be advocates,” Draiman continues. “People need to get involved. If they see the warning signs, if they see somebody falling prey to depression, to addiction, intervene. Don’t wait. Don’t wait until it’s too late.”

“And for those who are dealing with the demon, don’t feel like it’s a battle you have to wage on your own. There are always people who will help you, who will give you a hand up, who will be there to support you, who will give you a reason to fight.”

If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression or anxiety, know that someone is always there. Please check the RESOURCES YOU CAN USE on ImListening.org.

At 7 AM local time on September 8 on your favorite RADIO.COM station, you can call-in live and join artists like Disturbed, athletes, and medical professionals for an in-depth conversation about mental health and suicide prevention.

“The despair that leads to sometimes the end of things should be interrupted by those around you that care about you,” he adds. “Don’t wait till it’s too late,”

Prior to Sunday’s show, please SHARE YOUR STORY on how mental health or suicide has impacted your life. Select stories will be included in the broadcast.

For more information on this year’s broadcast, visit ImListening.org.