You can now visit the Eisenhower Memorial

Eisenhower Memorial
Photo credit National Park Service
By Connecting Vets

A new memorial is now open to the public in Washington, D.C. 

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial was dedicated during a ceremony Thursday evening and officially opened to the public on Friday.

The four-acre park is located along Independence Avenue near 4th Street and was designed by architect Frank Gentry, reports WJLA.

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The memorial includes a bronze statue of Eisenhower’s beginnings in Kansas as well as depictions of his famed speech before D-Day and his two terms in the White House.

“It’s an unimaginable honor,” Eisenhower’s granddaughter May Jean  told the Today Show. “And I just hope, somewhere upstairs, he just knows.”

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While president, Eisenhower helped end the Korean War, created both the Interstate Highway System and NASA, and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

“This memorial teaches us that through all of the darkness, there is light and this memorial comes at exactly the right time to provide us some light in our troubling times,” said Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan, 

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