Eric Trump says he's not LGBTQ after saying 'I’m part of that community'

By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Did Eric Trump come out on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning?

That's what the Twitterspere was buzzing about, after the president's son said, "I’m telling you, I see it every day, the LGBT community, they are incredible and you should see how they’ve come out in full force for my father every single day. I’m part of that community and we love the man and thank you for protecting our neighborhoods and thank you for protecting our cities."

He made the remarks after the show's hosts were talking about lesbian who wrote an op-ed praising Trump. 

But Trump later told The New York Post that he did not come out as gay, but that he was expressing how believes LGBTQ Trump supporters feel. 

"To clarify, many of our close friends are part of the LGBT community, which was the intent of my statement — the left has taken that vote for granted for a long time and support from the gay community for my father is incredible,” Trump said.'

He also took the opportunity to say he is not bisexual, adding, "As to me personally, as I think you know, I am a happily married man to my wife, Lara,” said Trump, 36, who is married to Trump campaign adviser Lara Trump, with whom he has two children."

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