Fearless College Student Poses With 14-Foot Alligator For Graduation Photos

College grad gives new meaning to, "See ya later alligator!"

This college student is saying, “See ya later alligator,” with an actual gator to commemorate her graduation.

Mackenzie Alexis Noland posed with a 14-foot rescued alligator named "Big Tex" for a unique way to celebrate her upcoming diploma from Texas A&M.

“I thought it would make for a great way to highlight what I have done at my internship as well as showing how excited I am for graduating at Texas A&M,” Noland told Radio.com.

The 21-year-old spent her last semester interning with Arlie Hammonds, who owns Gator Country, an animal rescue center in Texas. The college grad added, “No, I was not scared, Arlie has taught me everything I know and is constantly watching the alligator making sure he is acting right and nothing unusual is happening. I do this every day but this time I was wearing a dress!”

She also didn’t just get a memorable moment with the 1,000-pound alligator, he also balanced her college ring for a memorable photo.

Noland majored in wildlife ecology and would love to work at a zoo or with animals, but she never expected her photos to capture the attention of thousands.

“I’m so excited about this! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be getting this much attention," Noland exclaimed. "I am just a small-town girl from a nowhere town in Texas!”