Find Out What Sophie Turner's Dad Said About Her Marriage to Joe Jonas


Even though the Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner wedding happened on a whim after the Billboard Music Awards, their parents were still totally on board with the marriage. In fact, Turner has just revealed that her dad is “beyond pleased.” 

In an interview on the podcast “HFPA in Conversation,” Turner talks marriage with Hollywood Foreign Press Association journalist Patricia Danaher.

Fans have been buzzing about the infamous Vegas wedding after learning that Jonas’s parents found out about it online. 

Turner, on the other hand, revealed that she did give her mother a courtesy call before the ceremony and received her well-wishes in the process. But what about her dad? 

Danaher asks her what it was like marrying into a musical family and what her newfound married life means for her parents. “It’s early days, but we’re very happy,” she reveals. 

When asked if her father was a fan of the Jonas Brothers, Turner laughed. “He’s getting into the Jonas Brothers. They weren’t kind of his demographic. But he loves them, and their new music is fantastic,” she says.

So what did Turner receive her father’s blessing? She believes he’s happy with her choice. “My dad was beyond pleased when I married a musician,” she says. “It was kind of, ‘You have to marry a rugby player or a musician.’ So I got one of them right.”