Firefighter Carries Elderly Woman at Rodeo, Wins Hearts Everywhere

Photo credit Shayla Harwell

An off-duty volunteer firefighter stepped into action when he saw an elderly woman struggling to get down the stairs at a stadium during the Houston Livestock and Rodeo this weekend.

The woman was attending the event with her grown daughter and two granddaughters when Thomas Harwell came to the rescue by picking her up and delivering her safely to her seat.

After enjoying the show, Harwell made sure he brought the woman back up the stairs because she didn’t have the strength to do it on her own.

One of the woman’s granddaughters later revealed to ABC News that her grandmother had recently suffered a stroke and is currently battling cancer.

The incident went viral after Harwell’s wife snapped a photo of her husband being a good Samaritan and posted it on Facebook. It has since received over 2.7K shares.

The online recognition came as a shock to Harwell who told CNN he didn’t even get the woman’s name.

"I'm a senior captain in the fire department. My job is to help people," he said.