Fourth Day of Protests See Highways Blocked, National Guard Response in Minneapolis

Protests Fire under bridge
Photo credit Entercom/Sloane Martin

Protests over the death of George Floyd spilled into a fourth day, causing curfews to be enacted across the city. 

CNN reporter is arrested:

Volunteers gathered across Minneapolis and St. Paul to clean up in the morning:

The officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, Derek Chauvin, was arrested and charged with third-degree murder.

George Floyd’s best friend and former NBA player Stephen Jackson, along with actor Jamie Foxx and Timberwolves’ star Karl-Anthony Towns, held a rally today. “When was murder okay?” Jackson asked:

Peaceful protests were held at the government center:

Protestors gathered and blocked I-35W southbound near Lake Street, causing a shutdown:

The police began launching tear gas, rubber bullets and smoke grenades at protestors alone Lake Street near Hiawatha Avenue:

But no law enforcement members were at the intersection of Lake Street and Park Avenue, where several fires were lit:

As the night carried on, the protestors on I-35W looted a UPS truck passing through and set a fire:

K-Mart gets looted:

Protestors and law enforcement clashed at the 5th Police Precinct, where over 350 police officers and members of the national guard were deployed to defend the precinct:

And finally a message of hope and love for Minneapolis: