'Game of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's Wedding Trash on Sale for $4,050


Bummed you weren’t invited to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s surprise Vegas wedding last Wednesday? There’s still a chance you can take a piece of it home with you. There's just one catch - it's literal trash, and it costs thousands of dollars. 

Considering the rushed nature of the ceremony, the two were married by an Elvis impersonator with Diplo on the sidelines acting as the videographer for the event. On top of that, they used Ring Pops as their wedding rings. 

Now, one lucky fan with cash to spare can head on over to eBay and purchase a wrapper to one of the Ring Pops used during the ceremony. The bit of torn foil began at the low price of $10, and has since jumped $4,050 as of Sunday. 

The typo-clad description on eBay reads, “Slightly used on the happiest day or Joe's life.  May 1st 2019 in Las Vegas  Nevada. This is the original candy wrapper which held the wedding ring that Joe gave to Sophia.” The description goes on to say that the wrapper comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the Elvis impersonator who married the couple. 

Tread lightly, big spenders. Again, there are some clear typos in the online description, and who knows if this is THE Ring Pop wrapper? There’s also the fact that you’d be paying thousands of dollars for a piece of trash.  

All of that said, there is a bonus incentive. The seller reports that the lucky recipient of the wrapper would probably win the world record for most money spent on a candy wrapper.