Garth Brooks Talks Playing and Parenting Before Record-Breaking Detroit Show

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In a wide-ranging talk before his massive Ford Field stadium show in Detroit, legendary country performer Garth Brooks weighed in on the show, song writing, and even parenting.

What drives him? Fear of sucking, Garth revealed, adding that a problem of modern parenting is that people have made life too soft and easy for their kids.

"(Losing) -- It's the only way you're going to see them learn," he said. "When they hand you that child, you're scared of everything. With children, sometimes you just have to step back and say 'God take care of them.'"

"One of the things we took away from our children is losing, but it's that taste in the mouth that drives you to be better."

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Even following hit after hit, Brooks said after every show, he does an internal assessment of what went wrong, and right, and moves on from there.

Garth Brooks set a record by selling 70,000 tickets in just a few minutes for Ford Field in Detroit, which will be held Saturday, February 22. This will be Garth's first time ever playing at Ford Field. "Fat Boy Slim here is going to have some ground to cover," Brooks joked about the massive show.

Why stadium tours? "We had to earn it," Brooks told the crowd of invited media at his pre-show press conference. In his talk, Garth harkened to his first big show at WYCD's Hoedown, saying he'll be doing all right if he has as much fun now as he did then.

"Come to Detroit, bring your helmet," he said of what it feels like to play here, adding he treats a Detroit show like a sporting event. "I'm hoping they came here to sing," He hasn't actually sung "Friends in Low Places" in 25 years, he said, because the crowd takes over.

"This isn't a town you want to suck in, they'll let you know," joked Brooks. "My job is to yank your ass left and right like a rollercoaster," he added.

This is the second time this year Garth has made a splash in Detroit. This summer, he showed up as a surprise guest at WYCD's Hoedown and did a medley of his favorite hits. He told the Detroit crowd he was there because, "I was lucky enough to play this gig 30 years ago, so I just wanted to come out and say thank God and thank you guys for the ride of my life."

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