Get Paid to Fly First Class for The World’s Best Summer

Photo credit Bloomberg

No matter how much you might like your job, it’s not as good as this one. The Points Guy, which used to just be a guy and is now a travel website that seven million people look at every month, is offering up what sounds like the best paid internship ever. In fact, they’re calling it the “best summer internship…ever.” It’s for college students 21 and over (get after it super seniors) and involves “flying around the world reviewing flights, hotels, trains and more.” And whatever kid ends up with this job, it’s not like she’s going to be flying in a middle seat on Spirit. Well, she might at some point, but The Points Guy is not focusing on that. “The Travel and Rewards Intern will get to rate some of thee best in travel, such as first class on Emirates or Cathay Pacific. You will also get to stay at some of the world’s top hotels from the Greek isles to the heart of Singapore’s glistening skyling.” And they’ll earn frequent flier miles on all those flights to boot.

It all sounds a bit like an ad written by the guy who created Fyre Festival, but this is all very much in The Points Guy’s wheelhouse.

If you or your favorite college student is interested in the job here are some of the skills they’ll need:

  • Proficient writer
  • Skilled at social media
  • Photography and video experience
  • Fun and energetic in videos
  • “Must be able to tell apart Cristal from Korbel, while blindfolded or at least be willing to learn.”

We are willing to learn. You can find the application here.