Why Retired NFL Hall of Famers Might Not Be at the Hall of Fame

(92.9 The Game) -- In hour two Thomas and Will discuss an issue that definitely needs to be brought to light more often. The treatment and compensation of retired NFL players. Retired NFL players are extremely under compensated. NFL players only receive an annual pension if they were in the league for a minimum of three years, and only receive an average of $43,000 salary with the minimum being $21,360. It doesn’t need to be said that you can’t really live off $21,360 a year, but it does need to be said that supporting a family could be hard for a retired NFL player only making $43,000 annually depending on the circumstances.

In the audio used during the show retired Hall of Fame NFL running back Eric Dickerson said the NFL is “not even close” when it comes to doing the right thing for retired NFL players. Dickerson also called the pension “ a joke” With not even having healthcare available to them through the league the Hall of Fame running back says that he feels like retired players are treated like “outcasts” and the audio ends with Dickerson saying he feels that “the NFL has not done right by a lot of the players.”

Will says when he first heard this audio “his jaw hit the floor.” However he knows that this issue is not a new issue, and he goes on to say that “It’s a real travesty that the NFL as a whole basically turns a blind eye once you leave the league. Thomas was also shocked at the news when he first heard the audio, and he reacted by basically saying the average career in the NFL is only 3.3 years long, and with that being said the benefits are not what they should be after you retire.  

Think about it like this. Yes Julio, Matt, Grady Jarrett, and Dieon Jones will be fine for the rest of their lives, but what about the not so significant guys like Nick Williams or Justin Hardy, or maybe the local kid you as a fan fall in love with but gets cut or can’t play due to an injury after three years? If you’re wondering how this can change in the audio Dickerson says “A lot of us are not going to the Hall of Fame this year.” The All-Time leader in rushing yards in a single season went on to say “It starts with guys like myself and then guys with names.” I guarantee you if names like Eric Dickerson and Joe Montana aren’t present in Canton, Ohio during the Hall of Fame induction other big names will follow, and a much needed change will come soon.