Hershey Changing Its Design for the First Time in 125 Years and It Includes Emojis

A pile of Hershey's chocolate bars
Photo credit Scott Olson

Hershey’s has been around for 125 years and for the first time they are changing the look of their iconic chocolate bars.

Instead of their classic logo, the new modern redesign will feature images of emojis on the milk chocolate bars.

“In today’s text-savvy world, many conversations start with a message that contains an emoji; so it made sense to work directly with people using emojis the most — parents and kids," a senior brand manager for Hershey’s, told TODAY. "It turned out that both generations favored the same 25 emojis. We chose to feature each one of these popular emojis on our new Hershey Emoji bars.”

Included in the 25 emojis are thumbs up, face blowing kiss, cry-laughing and even everyone’s favorite, the smiling poop face. No emoji chocolate bar would be complete without a square devoted to the poopmoji.

Hershey’s hopes the new emoji bars will “help to spark a conversation and make new connections,” or at the very least, get people to put their phone down long enough to enjoy the candy treat.

While no official release date has been announced, the bars will be available for a limited-time in six different package designs starting this summer.

So, figure out your mood and get to snacking!