'Jeopardy!' Hits Another Shocking Record

Alex Trebek at Jeopardy! podium
Photo credit SIPA USA Today

Things were pretty quiet for a while on the ‘Jeopardy!’ front until James Holzhauer started playing and setting records left and right - pretty quiet for 14 years, to be exact. And while his winning streak is over, his most recent episode earned the show its highest ratings in that 14-year span.  

Holzhauer’s iconic winning streak put him within just $50,000 of the record set by Ken Jennings for highest earnings, which still sits untouched at $2,520,700. While there’s no chance of Holzhuaer taking the crown now, he’s definitely set some new milestones for the iconic game show. 

The June 3rd episode of the show, which showed Holzhauer’s unfortunate defeat, raked in 14.5 million total viewers, Deadline reports.

Predictably, the last time the show had ratings like this was in 2004, during Jennings’ 74-game winning streak. ‘Jeopardy!,’ having been an icon in TV since its first broadcast in 1964, holds four of the top ten episodes on television with the highest audiences. 

The Holzhauer loss episode joins runs of “60 Minutes,” the “Big Bang Theory” series finale, and the “Game of Thrones” series finale. 

And with the addition of the record-breaking views that Holzhauer’s losing episode accrued, ‘Jeopardy!’ now holds the number one spot for total average viewers, clocking in at 10.1 million.