Justin Bieber Posts Throwback Photo With Kendall Jenner Ahead of Coachella


Let’s be honest – sometimes, the stars that make their Coachella appearances every year are just as exciting to festival-goers as the performers slotted to headline

Justin Bieber is gearing up for Coachella with a throwback Instagram featuring Kendall Jenner, who happens to be one of wife Hailey Baldwin’s BFFs. He captioned the photo, “Coachella better be this good this year,” tipping fans off to the fact that he’ll probably be making an appearance at some point during the two-weekend festival stretch.

Jenner and Baldwin both took to the comments section of the post with remarks dripping with nostalgia. Baldwin’s comment reads, “this pic gets me every time,” while Jenner chimed in with, “HAHA I’m dead.” Seems like they’re an inseparable trio, no? 

Considering the photo was taken when Baldwin, Bieber, and Jenner attended the festival together, we can only hope that an OG Coachella squad reunion is in the works for this year. Not to mention, Bieber and Jenner are both seasoned Coachella-goers. Jenner has never missed since 2014!

And while we’re here, who could forget Bieber’s Coachella post from the same time the Jenner throwback was taken? A Polaroid of Bieber getting cozy with Jenner on festival grounds sparked some serious dating rumors back then that both were quick to shut down. 

A little awkward since Bieber attended the event that year alongside his now-wife. At least this rumored potential love triangle turned into a happy ending for all. Now, for the question we ALL want the answer to – will that puppy be at Coachella again??