See Inside An Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse During Busy Holiday Season

(KCBS-AM) Amazon's Fulfillment center in Tracy, California is like a warehouse store on steroids. 

The huge complex will see the workforce more than double from 1,400 to 3,000 people who are busy picking, packing and shipping items for online shoppers during the busy holiday season. 

That kind of growth is standard throughout the company's packing and shipment centers across the country, according to Amazon officials. The $1-billion company is bringing on 100,000 seasonal employees this year in order to bolster the 125,000 associates that already work in the company's warehouses. 

For the the first time in Amazon's history, all seasonal employees are making at least $15 per hour, said Drew Herdener, Amazon's Vice President of Communications. 

Even though many of these workers are on their feet for a large portaion of the day processing orders there are no complaints from Liz Perez. She told KCBS, "I love what I do." She's been with Amazon for five years and now trains temporary workers who help during the holidays. She added, "I love helping associates."