Man Only Drinking Beer For Lent Has Already Lost 16 Pounds


An Ohio man is taking Lent to the next level... or the next pint.

Del Hall works at Fifty West Brewing Company in Cincinnati and has given up everything BUT beer up for the season.

Hall tells Lynne Hayes-Freeland on KDKA Radio, “I always heard this story about the monks in Germany that would sustain themselves during lent on only beer and not have any solid foods and I always thought ‘Is that an urban legend, is that a myth?’ And I decided to try it out this year.”

He will also be drinking water and checking with his doctor regularly throughout the 46-day fast. Hall says so far the fast has shown positive results.

“I’m a big fella, I’m 6 foot 2 (inches), I started at 290 (pounds). Today is day eight and I’m already down 16 pounds.“

Hall says he has two to five pints of beer a day.

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